Selling Versus Order Taking

Nothing happens unless a sale is made. That is true, no matter the business.

Order Taking

The salesperson content to “ring up” a sale over which he has exerted no influence does a disservice to the customer, the company, and himself.

Perhaps she makes enough to meet her needs and does enough to satisfy the quota, never taking a step to go the extra mile.

Mr. Salesman and Miss Saleslady lack one very important essential—a very distinct “fire in the belly.”


Selling Winnipeg kitchen cabinet installation, implies things that go far beyond an order of cabinets, its delivery, and payment. The successful salesperson needs the motivation and tools necessary to become a selling superstar.

Traits of a Super Salesperson

The traits of a super salesperson include activity, planning and strategic thinking, the “killer instinct,” and an unusual focus on customers.

Sales do not happen by accident. Some folks have a greater “gift of gab,” but one can train for that. Sales happen because the salesperson determines the customer’s interest, identifies needs, offers solutions, and consummates the sale while overcoming objections and expanding the customers’ areas of interest.

You can’t change the customer’s economy or finances, the products’ contents, or the company’s policies. You can identify and meet many of the needs, leaving the customer uplifted and the transaction is successfully completed.

Personal Contact Makes It Work

The successful sales person has a multi-faceted marketing plan. It isn’t enough to mail out literature. It takes personal contact.

Internal Passion

The “killer instinct” typifies the sales professional who looks for needs to address, introduces extensions, and teaches about the product. You must be well versed in what you sell. Knowledge is indeed power. Teaching and sharing that knowledge brands you as superlative in the customers’ minds.

A salesperson has passion, a goal, and a sense of professional responsibility. This means keeping records, contacting customers, handling problems, and making the transaction one the customer finds so pleasant she can’t wait to return. It isn’t hard. You have only to make it a point to do it.